Welcome to Haunt or be Haunted, a "survival horror game". I hate to break it to you, but you’re just a bit dead and well, spectral. Recently you have taken up residence in a lovely mansion owned by a lady named Cecile. Unfortunately, it appears that another spirit has found your new home and they appear rather... bloodthirsty. So, I hope you’re up to the challenge of defending your human homeowner, because if not you might get a  ghastly new roommate.

Made for OpenJam2018!

NOTE: Particle effects were removed for the browser version (because Chrome doesn't like them, unfortunately)

How to Play: 


Her coffee is poisoned! Double click to knock it off the table.

The fireplace is blazing! Draw a circle to put it out.

The bathroom is locked! Spam click to free her.


The candles are blazing! Draw many circles to put them out.

The pot is in a precarious spot. Swipe it away before it drops on her head.

There's something in the bed! Swipe off the covers and double click to remove the danger.


A slippery substance has spilled on the staircase. Swipe to mop it up before she slips.

Gas leaks in the basement. Spam click, then swipe to seal the leak.

The lights went out! Toggle them back on before she's attacked.


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